Why This Program Was Created

I have been in the ‘teaching’ and ‘tutoring’ industry for almost a decade now. It’s no wonder to me that it’s led me to this organization today. I want to use this organization as a bridge for me and my staff to be able to reach beyond our backyard. Beyond our tutoring centers. At this first launch, the organization will launch its beta program to a small group of students in Hue, Vietnam. With a small group of volunteers, the support of our local library, a TV/Webcam, we will make our first call to Vietnam.

Preparing the lessons and agenda has not been easy for me. With a lot of structural plans for the organization on my mind, it’s hard to sit back and think/plan so micro. I have my first draft of lessons outlined and drafted a timeline for the draft with certain expectations of “ooohs” and “aaahs” from the participants. What’s the goal here? M goal and the organization’s goal is to make our lessons, interactions, and reach interesting. Although it’s easy to say that our efforts are enough since students in Vietnam are very eager to learn English. But I really want the organization to reach a bit harder and further. We can WOW our students. It’s worth spending a little more time to plan out the lessons and project some anticipation of the launch of this program.

Right now, we are looking for volunteers around the Los Angles area.

– Kevin

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