Our mission is to bring English to students in Vietnam through the internet. One of our goals right now is to find teachers who are native English speakers to give free English lessons through videoing on Google hangout. In the future, we hope to find more volunteers for more frequent sessions to students all over Vietnam. We want to focus on providing a learning environment using the resources we already have and the technology that is available to us all.

  • For Students: Teach students in Vietnam to speak English (w/ foundation to read and understand)
  • For Volunteers: Provide a platform and audience for our volunteers to teach English and share skills
  • Teach skills by professionals (coming soon)
  • Prepare students for possible career paths (coming soon)
  • Mentor and network students to potential careers (coming soon)


AFTW LogoKnowing how to speak English has become very important to a lot of students in third world countries. It is not essential for living, but a stepping stone economically. Our organization is creating a future where these students have a fighting chance.

America has been great because it has been able to support others around the world – building them so that one day they can help others. It’s always been an advocate for opportunity and our program mirrors this by creating an opportunity for free spread of education.

We love the idea of creating free education for the world – unfortunately we have yet have an app or online learning program for these students. That doesn’t stop us from doing anything we can – we turn to what we’re good at and that’s finding people who are willing to teach and love the idea of spreading education across the world at the comfort of their own home (US).

As a growing program, we want to focus on a country that most of our members are most familiar with the demands and needs. As we progress into this program, our goal is to create valuable contents for students, skill building curriculum for aspiring students in more specific fields, and mentor students of all ages and backgrounds in general.


In America (starting here in Los Angeles, CA): Our program has partnered with almost 10 public libraries and staffs to use their facilities and internet. This partnership allows us to minimize some initial costs of rental and internet/electricity and supplies. However we are prepared to launch a campaign to fundraise for foreseeable expanses for the program: equipment and rentals, and program employment.

In Vietnam (starting with Hue, Vietnam): We have partnered with some local schools and businesses to help us with recruiting students, and renting of spaces for these students to gather and communicate with our staffs in America. We are having to purchase all the equipment and internet services ourselves up to this point. Ideally we look to businesses and kind supporters of the program to assist us with these costs in the future. Meanwhile, we feel that our volunteers’ commitments have been more essential in carrying the program this far. We may be able to bootstrap this program for a year without any financial support – it’s a challenge we all agreed is good for us!

We have ran over 10+ successful sessions over the past 4 months of 2013. This is kind of slow but our goal is to use these sessions as beta testing to better our program, train our staffs, and provide faster and better equipment that can bring us closer to the students’ needs.

With the help of friends and colleagues, we come together to create lesson plans and brainstorm for a stronger mission for this program. Our goal is to help students learn to Read/Write/Speak proper English, become valuable members of society, and also learn to spread their knowledge outside their country.

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