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Our sponsor: ACA Tutoring Center

Need help with Math? English?  Chemistry? Geometry?

At ArcherChoice Academy, we offer subject tutoring at all levels including Advanced Placement (AP) classes.

As a big part of ArcherChoice Academy, Inc., AC Academy provides alternative resources to academic support and tutoring. It focuses on developing a strong student-teaching-student organization that helps K-12 students successful pass their classes. Our core services include top-quality Small Group Tutoring, Private Tutoring, Semi-Private, In-Home Tutoring for K-12 Subjects and Test Preps (SAT I, SAT II Subject Tests, and AP Tests).

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At AC Academy, we believe that good grades and high test scores come through focusing on the student.  And finding a good tutor who can relay the information is crucial! Our tutors are current college students and graduates. They will remain paired with a student for the entirety of the tutoring experience so that they can grasp a student’s strengths and weaknesses and adjust the tutoring curriculum appropriately to focus on his or her areas for improvement. We cater to individual learning styles and place a strong emphasis on communication between our tutors and students. Ultimately, our goal is to identify students’ needs and help guide them to a better understanding and grasp of each subject.

Teaching Methodology

At AC Academy, our tutors are current undergraduates who have 3+ years of tutoring experience and/or recently taken the SAT I and SAT II Subject Tests. Our tutors not only have exemplary training and test scores, but are also screened through a highly selective process to ensure that they genuinely and enthusiastically embody our core values to expand educational opportunities for K-12 students. After completing a rigorous training, our staff personally matches each student to a tutor based on the student’s specific subject need and our tutors’ areas of expertise, ensuring that the student receives customized and high-quality instruction.