Team Members

Board Members

Board Members - Kevin Board Members - Helen Board Members - Nikki
Kevin Tran Helen Nguyen Nikki Dinh
Position: Founder Position: Program Director – VN/US Position: Program Coordinator – US
Head Teacher
Currently: Product Manager @ and Currently: Nail Spa Owner/Teacher Currently: Grad/Teacher
Location: Los Angeles Location: Los Angeles Location: Orange County
I founded this program to give students a fair bite at education (& a better life if possible). I believe that there can be opportunities for anyone to learn, learn from each other, and give back to others what we’ve learned. AFTW is that. It’s become a weekend hobby! I was an English teacher in Vietnam and I personally know the growing demand for lessons with a Native Speaking American. My goal is to help connect the two worlds together to allow a smoother communication. I’m all about the students. After graduating from UCSD, I went to Korea to teach English. It was by far the best teaching experience for me. Now I want to continue doing what I love with AFTW.

Staffs & Volunteers

 Board Members - Hoa Board Members - Mimi Board member - Dat
Hoa Nguyen Mimi Tran Dat Truong
Position: Volunteer/Relations Position: Volunteer/Teacher Position: Volunteer/Relations
Currently: Post-Masters Psychology Currently: Master’s Program Education Currently: Banker
Location: Arcadia Location: San Diego Location: San Diego
I don’t remember much of Vietnam but most of my relatives are still there and they’re always asking if I can recommend an online class for them. Imagine how happy they were when I shared about AFTW! I thought of of teaching students in another country before – it’s just too darn expensive so I put that dream aside then. This is an opportunity for me to help these students without the extra cost. I like the idea of sharing ideas and spreading our education. It was everything I learned in school. With today’s technology and cloud of information, I believe that AFTW can help create a platform for the future.
Board Members HanMei Volunteer from Vietnam
HanMei Chen Xuan Nguyen
Position: Volunteer/Spokesperson Position: Volunteer/Student
Currently: Scientist/Researcher Currently: Business Owner
Location: San Diego Location: Vietnam
This program is my way of doing more than just teaching. It was to take teaching to another level and to redefine the concept of spreading education and sharing ideas across the world. I am first a student and then a full-time supporter of this program. I want to learn English so that I can communicate with my customers. I do everything I can to help out at each session, provide snacks, drinks, and assistance.

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