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I have been in the tutoring industry for almost half my life (~10 years) and I have been trying to find a way to allow our resources to support that of other third world countries. With the big differences in currency, it’s hard to match our tuition fees. Ultimately, I have been finding ways to motivate staffs to follow a curriculum and commit to educating international students for fee. With that said, I am committed to create this organization that can provide free English tutoring to other students around the world – hence the name, America for the World.

Students Outside (1)Vietnam is a growing country and there is a strong demand for English speaking. They are in need of practice and structured learning at affordable cost. We can come in and afford their opportunity for ALL students at ZERO cost.

I am Vietnamese and my staff members know the language and culture. It is easy for us to start with Vietnam first and as we grow our staffs, we can try other countries – providing free English lessons to aspired students in these countries.

Our organization has made connection with 2 schools in Hue, Vietnam and have enrolled small groups of their students.

Why should someone support us? Help us provide a space for our volunteers to come together and teach English. Help us provide the equipment that help communicating easier across the world. We are providing opportunities for college students to volunteer, connect with students around the world (less fortunate), mentor peers, and do some good to these students’ future.

Why should someone support us? Help aspired students from the world (starting with Vietnam) get the opportunity to learn how to read, write, and speak properly. It is not just a new language to them, but an opportunity to get a better job, a better reach in the economy.

Please help support us in this journey. We are making our programs zero cost to these students but providing them with a learning center to attend, a TV with internet/webcam to communicate, and learning supplies.

Check out this fun promotional video that one of our staffs created at the beginning of all this: Fun Promotional Video for Volunteers and Supporters

One thought on “Please Support Us

  1. Rất ngưỡng mộ các em đã hy sinh công sức, thời giờ và tài chánh để giúp cho cám em học sinh VN được học tiếng Anh. Cô biết có nhiều người Việt mới tới Mỹ nhưng không biết tiếng Anh, họ có thể ghi danh theo học chương trình này không? Cô nghĩ rằng nhu cầu cho người lớn học tiếng Anh tại Mỹ rất cao. Nếu không có nhiều trở ngại, cô đề nghị các em mở rộng cho mọi người có cơ hội học nhưng cần ghi danh đóng tiền “hội viên” để có thể phụ giúp phần nào chi phí cho các em.

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