Students Outside Group (4) Flat
We are very excited to see the number of students who have enrolled and are attending our sessions so far. With the help of student and professionals who are volunteering in Vietnam to provide guidance and assistance, we’re able to structure the students in an organized manner.

For new incoming students: All our students must enroll and and register through our volunteer coordinator, Xuan Nguyen. Please contact us for more information about the program and how you can benefit from it. We are working to provide more sessions each week to meet the growing number of students enrolling. All students on our wait list are still welcomed to attend the sessions. However our goal is still focused on providing each student the attention he/she needs.

Student 7 Student 4 Student 8 Student 3 Student 10
Student 5 Student 2 Student 1 Student 9 Student 11
Student 12 Student 6 Student 13 More To Come Volunteer from Vietnam

Student’s Reviews and Responses

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